What is criminal law?

Criminal law comes into action when there is an offence against the state that may establish punishment. As per the Indian Penal Code, CRPC and Evidence Act, crimes which are categorised under felonies or misdemeanours can be treated with maximum imposable punishment.

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What are the best-case scenarios where you can trust us?

  1. First Information Report (FIR)
  2. Basic rights of the arrested person
  3. How to apply and get bail
  4. How to deal with the police investigation
  5. Self-defence
  6. Corporate frauds, in other words, “white-collar frauds”
  7. Sexual harassment
  8. Child abuse
  9. Human trafficking
  10. Direct or indirect killing and honour killing
  11. Domestic violence
  12. Cybercrimes
  13. Threatening
  14. Dowry
  15. Section 498 IPC

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