Get your child custody

Get your child custody

Child custody is the legal term about guardianship. The word used to the support and control of a child that is defined by the court when the parents of the child are divorced or separated.

If a marriage crashes down and ends up in separation of a couple, if you have a child or children then the problem arrives. The child or children are most suffer in this condition. 

Types Of Child Custody

There are different types of Child Custody

Sole Custody

Single parent or person is allowed both physical and legal custody of the child.

Legal Custody

It gives a parent the power to make long term arrangements about child life and important looks of the child’s well-being.

Joint Custody

Both parents will take holding the child in their custody. It does not suggest mother father are both live mutually.

Physical Custody

 The physical custody granted means the child shall live with the parent day-to-day basis.

Grandparent Visitation and Custody

Courts favor that children live with their parents, but grandparent seeks to full care of a grandchild. 

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