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Family Law & Family Lawyer

When you are searching for a trusted family lawyer near me , schedule your consultation today with Advocate Shilpi Das & Ak Legal Advisors

Criminal Law Services

Your life gets stopped while you step back fearing about the legal proceedings of criminal activities. Do not worry about this.

Child custody lawyer

Child Custody Services

When you have a child and you are going through a mutual or contested divorce in Kolkata

Civil Law & Civil Lawyer

When there is any dispute arises over movable and immovable property or dispute between parties for payment

mutual divorce lawyer in kolkata

Mutual Divorce Law & Mutual Divorce Lawyer

When husband and wife mutually agree that they cannot continue together anymore, they submit a mutual divorce petition together before the honorable court without bringing any allegations against each other.

Cybercrime lawyer in Kolkata

Cyber crime law & Cyber crime lawyer

The laws that prevail in the computer-generated world of the internet are known as cyber laws.

Divorce Law & Divorce Lawyer

Not all relationships are meant for the rosy conclusion; some end in a rough patch too. For them, finding quality and experienced divorce lawyer...

Drug Control Law

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