Rent Control and Eviction lawyer

Things you should know before contacting a Rent Control and Eviction lawyer

Giving your property on a rental basis to someone else is fine unless it brings regular mess and legal hassles. Not only you but also there are a lot of landlords who have been making money in this way. If you have tenants or are planning to use your unused property in this way, you should know about the rent control act in detail. Today, we are going to discuss how to fix rent and apply eviction rules during the need. Here, you will get the knowledge but to reap the maximum help, you have to connect with the best  Rent Control and Eviction lawyer of your locality. 

Rent Control Act

The central rent control act was passed in 1948 by the legislature. It refers to the rules of renting out a property and ensuring that there is no dispute between landlords and tenants. No party’s rights should be exploited by the opposite party. But presently, each state has its own rent control act. Generally, all states have nearly similar rent control acts and you can find little to zero differences there. 

We can say that the rent control act of each state is quite tenant-friendly and comes with a lot of regulations to protect tenants from rent increases and eviction. But we have seen that the act is getting misused by many tenants and they are paying stone-age rents irrespective of the inflammation and the reality. If you are facing issues with your rented property and tenant you should consult the best lawyer for landlord tenant dispute as soon as possible.

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What is the rule of rent control?

There are some rules and regulations in order to protect both parties. According to the act, tenants will get some important rights such as- 

  • Right against unfair eviction
  • A fair rent process
  • Supply of essential services like water supply, electricity, etc. 

Rights of the landlord are –

  • Right to evict according to situation and law
  • Charge rent
  • Temporary repossession of property

Rental agreement 

If you are planning to rent out your property, you should start with a legal agreement and the agreement will be signed by both parties. Both parties will agree to all terms and conditions imposed by the state government. It would be better if you consult with the best lawyer for eviction and other rental disputes and prepare the agreement. A lawyer can make you identify the loopholes and prevent you from hidden disputes that will appear prominently in the future. 

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