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Say NO to the abusive married life and get justice with the best 498a lawyer in Kolkata 

Marriage may not work! That’s fine! But tolerating a marriage that brings only physical emotional sufferings is not acceptable at any cost. There are so many women on this planet who are suffering from a wrong marriage and turning their lives into hell. We hope you are not doing the same mistake. If you are getting abused physically and mentally in name of marriage, it’s the right time to consult the best 498 A lawyer in Kolkata and get out of that hell.

What is 498/498A?

If a woman is getting physically or mentally tortured by the husband or any relative of the husband, she can file a complaint against those abusers under Section 498A IPC. This is a revolutionary law that aims to protect women of India from abusive husbands and in-laws. This is a non-bailable act so that the victim does not get pressure to make compromises. Here, a police officer can make an arrest even without having a warrant from the court.

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What happens if 498a is proved?

If the complaint gets proved, the abuser will see what he/she deserves! According to the law and 498A act, the husband or the major abuser will be punished with imprisonment for a term and the term may extend to three years and shall be liable to pay a fine.

When can a woman file 498/498A?

You can file a complaint under this act when you have taken shelter anywhere else except your husband’s place. Or we can say that if a woman has been driven out of her matrimonial home, she can file a complaint under this section. A woman can do the same while staying at the matrimonial house too.

In a clear way we can say that if you are getting abused physically or emotionally by your husband or in-laws, you can file a complaint under this act. It will be better if you discuss this with a divorce lawyer in Kolkata before filing the complaint.

The law has loopholes and the abuser can flee away easily. And that’s why it will be always better if you consult with good divorce lawyers in Kolkata and then do the needful.

Can a husband file a 498/498A case against his wife?

The answer is NO! But a husband can file an FIR alleging the wife for lodging a false 498A complaint. The 498 A act aims to combat the menace of dowry deaths and harassment to a wife at the hands of her husband.


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If you are struggling in the same way and getting abused regularly, it’s time to put all your love aside and take the strict step. It is time to consult with the best 498a lawyer in Kolkata and find ways to get justice.
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