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Temporary Injunction- from the term, we can understand that it is something that denotes a specific time period. Generally, the court issued a temporary injunction that comes with a specific time span or until the next court order.

This kind of prohibits writ can be obtained during any level of trial and regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure 1908. In order to deal with this kind of legal dispute, section 94, section 95, order XXXIX and its rules and a lot of things are there. But you have to utilize all these things accurately otherwise you may lose your property. So, it will be best for you if you search for a civil lawyer in Kolkata High-Court.

Permanent Injunction- Permanent injunction depends on the merits of the suit. It can be granted by the respected court by issuing a decree at the hearing. If the court once issues such decree then the defendant is properly and permanently prohibited from that work or from the commission of an act I mean any activity that is contrary to the rights of a plaintiff. This kind of case is critical and needs expert professionals to smoothly deal. An advocate for injunction suits can best help to get a permanent prohibition writ to stop the abuse of your property or right.

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