What is Family Law in India?

Family law, sometimes called matrimonial law or law of domestic relations is the common section of laws which deals anything related to family matters in 28 jurisdictions. In India, the main purpose of family courts is to dispose of cases relating to family matters smoothly and effectively.
Family courts of India are influenced by the jurisdiction of the USA, England and China.

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Our family law practice includes:

  1. Marriage, emancipation and approval of underage marriages, divorce, annulment, alimony, visitation
  2. Adoption
  3. Surrogacy
  4. Child protective proceedings
  5. Juvenile matters
  6. Paternity and child custody
  7. Property settlement
  8. Relocations
  9. Cross-border issues
  10. Protection orders against domestic violence
  11. Name changes
  12. Guardianship

There are five legal boards embodied in family laws in India, which are:

  1. Hindu Law (1955): governs all Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and Sikhs
  2. Muslim Law or Shariat Law: governs all Muslims
  3. Christian Law (Marriage Act 1872 and Divorce Act 1869): governs all Christian
  4. Parsi Law (1869): governs all Parsis
  5. Special Marriage act (1954) or secular law

As per The Family Court Act, 1984, every city or town (with over 10 lakhs of the population) have family courts by the State Government in India. The impact of family laws and courts is that it is a social and beneficial legislation.

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