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Advocate Puja Roy is an experienced advocate with more than 5 years of practical experience in handling all types of criminal cases, Divorce, Maintenance, Nullity of marriage, Surrender or bail, Pocso, and so on. Apart from these, she handles marriage registration at the Barrackpore subdivision. She herself is a complete firm where you can get solutions for all legal hassles. Be it handling divorce cases or handling a complicated criminal one- Puja Roy can do wonders for her clients. 

Why should you go for Advocate Puja Roy? 

When it comes to getting the best legal advice, an advocate is the best person to contact at that time. Finding the best advocate who is compassionate at the same time is tough. But it can turn into a reality if you consult her for any kind of legal help. 

She has an amazing client satisfaction rate. She wins cases like magic. Spending hard-earned money due to legal hassles is not only a financial burden but also a state of emotional exhaustion. Her consultation power is healing and she has the best range of legal solutions that can save you from spending randomly while getting justice soon. This professional advocate is always there when a client needs advice or any other help related to a case. She is super flexible and supports a person like a friend. No matter how complicated the situation is, she will come with the best solution. She studied Law at 2011 And got certified with an amazing score. Over the past 5 years, she has dealt with various cases with different levels of complexity. She is the ONE when someone seeks an advocate to deal with a case in Barrackpore, Barasat courts & other courts. 

Expertise Field:

  • Divorce lawyer
  • Mutual divorce lawyer
  • Domestic violence lawyer
  • 498/498A lawyer
  • Family dispute or cruelty
  • Nullity Divorce Lawyer
  • Desertion Divorce Lawyer
  • Child custody
  • Maintenance
  • Dowry incidents
  • Adoption
  • Surrogacy
  • Child protective proceedings
  • Juvenile matters
  • Paternity and child custody
  • Cyber crime
  • Workplace harassment lawyer
  • Discriminatory harassment
  • Personal harassment 
  • Physical Harassment 
  • Power harassment 
  • Psychological harassment 
  • Cyberbullying 
  • Retaliation Harassment 
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Quid for Quo harassment 
  • Verbal harassment
  • Third-party harassment
  • etc

Advocate Puja Roy
Sukanta Nagar, SodepurNear Mukul Bithi School Panchanantala BazarKolkata, West Bengal 700113
075958 80945

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