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With workplace harassment law say NO to HARASSMENT

Workplace politics and favoritism sometimes turn into harassment of some employees. The workplace environment should be neat and clean and healthy for everyone. But nowadays workplace harassment has become a common thing in many organizations in India. We have seen that most of the time, victims try to deal with the harassment silently.

When they cannot deal anymore they quit the workplace and tries to join somewhere else. In this way, a company loses quality employees and the work culture becomes biased. Sometimes harassment makes a person depressed and less productive. If you too are facing the same thing, no more you need to deal with harassment as Advocate Shilpi Das & Ak Legal Advisors / RD Lawyers & Associates Advocate Anulekha Maity / RD Lawyers & Associates Advocate Puja Roy are here with workplace harassment law. We can save you from any bully or harassment and let you get the desired environment, safety, and justice.

What is the workplace harassment law?

With the growing numbers of organizations (government and private), the number of workplace harassment is also increasing on a regular basis. If you too are facing the same thing, it’s time to drag an end.

According to EEOC- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines that harassment i.e. unwelcome verbal or physical behavior that targets race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, nationality, age, physical and mental disability, and genetic information.

Workplace harassment is a kind of discrimination that violates the law and rules of India. India has legal provisions under the Indian Penal Code and Sexual harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013. It offers remedies to victims also lets organizations ensure a safe working environment for women.

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How many types of workplace harassment are there in India?

It is sad to say that we can see a wide range of harassment types in organizations. These harassment types not only affect the physical and mental health of the victim but also affect the reputation of an organization.

Types of harassment that have been reported till the date

  • Discriminatory harassment
  • Personal harassment 
  • Physical Harassment 
  • Power harassment 
  • Psychological harassment 
  • Cyberbullying 
  • Retaliation Harassment 
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Quid for Quo harassment 
  • Verbal harassment
  • Third-party harassment

How to file a workplace harassment lawsuit?

If you too are facing any of the mentioned difficulties at your workplace, it is the best time to move strongly with a workplace harassment lawyer. You need to file a lawsuit in the best way so that you can get justice faster. Advocate Shilpi Das & Ak Legal Advisors / RD Lawyers & Associates Advocate Anulekha Maity / RD Lawyers & Associates Advocate Puja Roy help in filing such lawsuits as here you will get lawyers for harassment cases in the workplace.

You should start the process by approaching the HR department of your organization. If you do not get proper help or the water is above your head, only the best workplace harassment lawyer can best help you. The lawyer will help you in filing the lawsuit without any mistake.

What kind of lawyer do I need for harassment? 

When it comes to dealing with workplace harassment, a lot of people remain clueless that who can best help you. In such a situation, you should go for a workplace harassment lawyer. Finding such a lawyer is not challenging as you just have to search ‘workplace harassment lawyers near me and you will get plenty of options. But the search result of ‘Work harassment lawyers near Me’ will include a lot of options and you will be confused to choose the best one.

If you do not want to take these many hassles, you can directly contact Advocate Shilpi Das & Ak Legal Advisors / RD Lawyers & Associates Advocate Anulekha Maity / RD Lawyers & Associates Advocate Puja Roy. It is an old law firm with an expert and experienced lawyers. From best legal advice to moving the case to the court, we do the best thing to ensure justice for our clients.


How should we help you?

If your workplace is also getting suffocated for you and you are getting harassed frequently, take the help of workplace harassment law and the best lawyers to get justice as well as equality. You should not tolerate any type of harassment for long. Take action fast and create a safe work environment for you and others.