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A marriage may not work! And that’s completely okay! But running from the marriage responsibilities is not a good decision as it brings unnecessary legal hassles. Freeing oneself from an unsatisfied marriage can be easy if you deal with an expert and experienced lawyer. Maintenance or alimony has become an integral part of many divorce cases. Today, you are going to get real-time insights on maintenance or alimony from an expert maintenance lawyer in Kolkata via this blog.

What is Maintenance / Alimony?

Without any doubt, maintenance or alimony is a matter of concern as it supports many lives and it is a legal responsibility. It is a legal obligation on a person who needs to provide the required financial support to their spouse before or after separation or divorce.

We have seen that sometimes people get confused between maintenance and alimony. These terms refer to the same support yet there is a little difference. When it comes to alimony, we can say that here a person provides lumpsum money or property with the same value to the spouse.
On the other hand, a husband cannot pay the maintenance expenses in form of property. And the husband needs to provide the maintenance regularly.

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Maintenance for wife and Dependent Children: Divorce attorney alimony


If you are planning to get separated or get a divorce, you have to take care of your wife and dependent children. I mean in terms of financial support. A specific amount of money you have to pay for the maintenance of the wife and children.

For maintenance, you have to pay 40% of your net monthly income to your spouse. If your spouse is an earning person, one-half of the net monthly income is going to be deducted.


Quantum of Alimony: Divorce alimony calculator

There are so many factors that the court analyzes to decide the alimony such as the length of the marriage, economic conditions, loss of economic opportunity, and other unique reasons. It will be best if you contact divorce lawyers for alimony calculation. Only a professional advocate for maintenance can give you real-time insights as to the law and regulations change on a regular basis.


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Calculating the family court maintenance i.e. alimony or maintenance is a bit complex task and it is difficult to handle unless you do not belong to the law stream. If you are going through separation or divorce and alimony/maintenance becoming a vital issue for you, we will suggest you contact the best divorce maintenance lawyer in Kolkata as soon as possible.

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