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What is the cyber crime law? Who can save you from cyber crime in India? 

The laws that prevail in the computer-generated world of the internet are known as cyber laws. In other words, it can be said that a branch of law deals with legal issues related to the use of information technology. It includes laws related to internet crimes, computer crimes, technology crimes, and communication crimes. This law set creates offenses and penalties for cyber crime.
Now cyber crime has become a global problem and to control it, a coordinated international response is highly required. The rise of electronic commerce has made it prominent that there is a need for a robust and effective mechanism to further strengthen the legal infrastructure.
In India, the law of cyber crime is not a separate legal framework rather it is a combination of contract, data protection, and privacy laws. It also supervises the digital spread of information, information security, software, monetary, and e-commerce transactions.

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What are the types of cyber crime?

Computer targeted crimes such as DOS attack, hacking, and virus attack and so on
Computer weapon crime- here computer gets used as a weapon to sin such as credit card frauds, EFT frauds, IPR violations, cyber terrorism, pornography, and so on.

Let’s elaborate the types of cyber crime:

  • Identity theft- when an individual’s personal information is stolen to get access to the financial resource or to take a loan or to use a credit card then such crimes called identity theft.
  • Cyber bullying- when an adolescent or teenager defames someone with the help of the phone, internet, instant messaging, chat rooms, or any social media platform, that adolescent said to be committing cyber bullying. When an adult commits the same crime, it is known as cyber stalking.
  • Cyber terrorism- when a threat of harm is being subjected to an individual, organization, group, or state, the crime is known as cyber terrorism. Generally, this kind of cyber crime includes planned attack strategies on the corporate computer system and government.
  • Defamation- in India, every individual has his/her right to speech on internet platforms. But if an individual’s statement crosses the limit and harms the reputation of an organization or an individual, he/she can be charged with Defamation law.
  • Hacking- it is one of the common cyber crimes today. Here the criminal gets access to other people’s computers and information and uses those to satisfy the wrong intention.
  • Freedom of speech- being a cyber-offender and saying anything you want according to freedom of speech right on the internet has a thin differentiation. Here cyber law mainly refrains obscenity and crassness on the internet.
  • Trade secrets- IT organizations spend a lot of time and money to craft software, applications, and tools. Cyber law protects their data and trade secrets against theft.
  • Harassment and stalking- these are prohibited over the internet platforms. Cyber laws protect the victim and prosecute the lawbreaker.

How many cyber act are there in India?

Cyber Laws:

  •  Cybercrimes under the IT Act: 
  •  Sec 65- Interfering with computer source documents
  •  Sec 66- Computer system hacking and data alteration
  •  Sec 67- publishing obscene information
  •  Sec 70- unauthorized access to the protected systems
  •  Sec 72- Breach of privacy and confidentiality 
  •  Sec 73- sharing false digital signature certificates 
  •  Cyber Crimes under IPC and Special Laws:
  •  Sec 503 IPC- sending threatening texts via email
  •  Sec 499 IPC- sending defamatory messages via email
  •  Sec 463 IPC- Falsification of electronic records
  •  Sec 420 IPC- cyber frauds 
  •  Sec 463 IPC- email spoofing
  •  Sec. 383 IPC- web-jacking 
  •   Sec.500 IPC- email abuse 
  •  Cyber Crimes under the Special Acts
  •  Online sale of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances act 
  •  Online sale of arms- Arms Act

You have read an overview of cybercrime and its law. But knowing the sections only cannot help an individual to get out of the trouble if there is no support from a cybercrime expert. Law firms can help you to deal with cyber threats and file a complaint.

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