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Property brings happiness and makes you wealthier! But it is not that all people feel the same thing. We have seen that many people just get puzzled due to properly related issues. And the scenario gets worst when the true owner cannot enjoy the ownership due to illegal interference by others. But no matter which kind of complexity presently you are dealing with, you can easily solve that with the best property lawyer in Kolkata. 

There are many ways to let you get justice in terms of property-related issues. One of the common, as well as an effective way, is taking the help of Title Suit. Working with Title suits or ensuring the desired benefits by applying Title Suit is a bit complicated and you must require the guidance of the best land and property lawyers. Before we say in detail how we take care of the property related issues and bring our clients the desired success, let’s know a bit more about Title Suit. 

What is Title Suit?

Title Suit is all about a legal process to let an individual get the right to ownership of real property against one or more than one claimants. You can take the help of this suit to get back the ownership if you are the real owner and getting false claims against your property. We call this suit an effective suit to easily remove a cloud. 

Filling a title suit is easy yet it will be better if you take the help of an expert civil lawyer in Kolkata.

Types of Suits

Based on the nature of the suit or status of the person who is filling the suit- we can decide the category of the suit. Generally, there are some common suits we are mentioning below, have a look-

  • Suits By Or Against Corporations
  • Suits By Or Against Firms And Persons Carrying On Business In Names Other Than Their Own.
  • Suits By Or Agents Govt./ Public Office
  • Suits By Or Against Military/Naval Men/Airmen
  • Suits By Or Against Trustees, Executors, and Administrators.
  • Suits Relating To Matters Concerning The Family
  • Suits By Or Against Minors And Persons Of Unsound Mind
  • Suits By/Against Persons Of Unsound Mind
  • Summary Procedure. (Relating To Bills Of Exchange, Hundis, Promissory Notes Etc.)

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