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What is family dispute law?

Family issues occur! There are many families that are facing many disputes and their relationships with each other are getting worsen. The Family Court Act 1984 is there to provide the establishment of Family Courts with a proper view to offer conciliation along with secure and fast redressal of disputes in a family relating to marriage, sibling issues, and other family affairs. To solve all these issues, Family Courts will follow the Civil Procedure Code. If you are facing the same issue (s), you should take the help of a family dispute law and solve the matter as soon as possible.

How many types of family dispute law?

Generally, there are five types of family dispute law that you can take the help of to solve your issues quickly. The five types are-

  1. Hindu Law- It is going to govern all Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists.
  2. Muslim Law- Muslim law is there to govern only Muslims.
  3. Christian law- Christian family disputes will be solved via the Christian law type of family dispute law.
  4. Parsi Law- This family dispute law type is going to govern the family dispute of the Parsi people.
  5. Secular Law- It is a special marriage act. If a family has persons from various religions and having disputes, it will be governed by the Secular law type of the family dispute law.

Before you try to define the type of law suitable for you, it will be better if you go for the best Advocate for family matters and solve the matter step by step with no errors. There are a lot of experienced family lawyers who can listen to your issues, make you understand the legal scenario, and accelerate the entire process in the family court.

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Why is it best to contact a Family property dispute lawyer?

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