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The way we want our life to run, often life does not run in that way. Sometimes, the partner we choose to spend the rest of the life, partner stops choosing us in the middle of the journey.
Adultery has now become a common thing and a lot of marriages are suffering from it. It’s so suffocating! There are some people who find it wrong, decide not to live in that marriage or with that person, and file a divorce. If you too are going through the same difficult phase of your life, take the help of adultery grounds for divorce, drag, and end to the marriage, and live the way you wanted to live.

What is adultery ground for divorce?

According to the current Indian Personal Laws, adultery will be accepted as one of the vital grounds for divorce. The required facts that should be present in an offense of adultery are a. there should be an act of sexual intimacy outside the marriage, b. and it should be voluntary. In such a complicated situation, only an adultery lawyer in Kolkata can help you at the best level.

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How do you prove adultery for divorce?

If you are filing a divorce case on the ground of adultery, you have to prove that your spouse has committed an adulterous act via any direct evidence. The witnesses can be eyewitness accounts, admission by the partner of the act, and submitting circumstantial evidence.
If you are trying to prove adultery via circumstantial evidence, you have to prove that your partner has both the disposition to commit adultery along opportunities. Photographs, text messages (some courts are allowing this now), GPS evidence, and so on.

How does adultery affect your divorce procedure?

When a person knows his/her partner is committing adultery, the entire world of that person gets broken instantly. Sometimes, the situation gets worse and domestic violence takes place. In order to handle such type of situation, you should take care of a domestic violence lawyer in Kolkata and get out of the phase as soon as possible.

The days were gone when adultery used to affect a divorce case on a greater level. If a person could prove that her partner was committing adultery, she can easily get the divorce terms she has mentioned. But now the scenario has changed. But now adultery grounds do not affect critical factors like alimony, division of property, or child custody issues.

Is adultery a Criminal Offence in 2021?

According to a recent law update, adultery can be a ground for civil issues including the end of a marriage but it cannot be a criminal offense. But this ground will help you in getting the divorce faster.

Why is adultery not a crime anymore?

India’s top court said that adultery is no more a criminal offense in India. The new law is like an end to the 158-year old colonial era. Previously, if a man had sex with a married woman without the permission of her husband, was accepted as a crime. It sounds like the wife is the property of a husband. In order to end such a practice, the Supreme Court said that no more adultery will be accepted as a criminal offense. But he/she will get a divorce if he/she finds his/her partner is committing adultery.

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