What is desertion in a divorce? How to get the best desertion divorce lawyer in Kolkata?
desertion divorce lawyer in kolkata

What is desertion in a divorce? How to get the best desertion divorce lawyer in Kolkata?

Sometimes marriage is not what we dream about. We all dream about a happy after marriage life. But sometimes reality differs really badly from our dream. I think I am not alone who has seen some terrific marriage lives of a lot of people. I was shocked when I have seen lots of men and women abandon their responsibilities without any justification in a marriage. The other half tries to manage but cannot continue after time. The marriage gets ends there. Yes, I know that you know a lot of people who have done such or going through such a situation. But do you know this is a solid ground to get a divorce? Actually, a lot of people do not know about this divorce ground. But today, a desertion divorce lawyer Kolkata will give you all the required information below. 

What does desertion mean in a divorce? And Types of desertion

A desertion is basically an act by which a person in a marriage abandons and forsakes the responsibilities and evading duties without any justification. It does not only ruin a marriage but also such actions violate the laws and regulations. The desertion time period can vary. If a person is not getting the required support in a marriage or she/he has been forcefully stopped to access the support, he/she can take the help of law. In this way, there will be a contract and according to that, the other half will be ordered to satisfy the requirements. But if the other half discontinue that without any notice, that can be a solid ground for a divorce. 

Generally, there are two types of desertion such as actual desertion and constructive desertion. Constructive desertion is critical as here a spouse leaves the home or the other person without any trace. And he/she never contacts again or agrees to lead a married life. 

In the case of actual desertion, the spouse intentionally stops performing the marriage responsibilities and indirectly forces the other half to leave. 

If you are one who is going through such a situation, all we can say that you are not alone, we are always with you. You can contact AK Legal Advisors / RD Lawyers & Associates at any time to get rid of such a suffocating situation easily. AK Legal Advisors / RD Lawyers & Associates firm has the best divorce lawyers in Kolkata. And they can help you to organize any divorce ground and get justice.

Well, this is another very common question that we get from our clients how many days will be counted as the period of desertion. The time period actually varies. It can be from one year to five years. Based on the seriousness of the situation, the period gets decided. Or if you have sufficient proof that you are not getting the support for a long time, organizing the desertion divorce ground will not be a problem for any lawyer.

You have to prove desertion by a preponderance of the evidence. Generally, the best advocate for divorce says that there are two main elements that can prove desertion grounds for a divorce- The actual disobey of the matrimonial cohabitation And The direct intent to desert the marriage The first element means when a couple has separated addresses and cut-offs all marital duties including sexual life. The second element means where a couple has the intention to go for a mutual separation. Here constructive desertion also plays a major role to establish a divorce ground.

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Why we are the best desertion divorce lawyers in Kolkata, West Bengal?

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