What are the 5 types of Domestic Violence laws? And How Domestic Violence Lawyer should help you?

What are the 5 types of Domestic Violence laws? And How Domestic Violence Lawyer should help you?

What is domestic violence law?

Domestic violence is a pretty common thing in India. Nearly 27.5 million Indian females face low to high violence in their in-laws’ houses. Sometimes, they want to adjust and let time manage everything. But sometimes things go beyond control and they need strong protection. Domestic violence victims get protection under both state and federal domestic violence laws. And lawyers ensure justice in civil as well as criminal court. VAWA- Violence Against Women Act also offers additional resources for domestic violence victims.

According to the Parliament of India, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 ensures protection for women from domestic violence. Domestic violence law act was implemented into
practice by the Government of India on 26th October 2006.
Apart from this, all the states in India have their laws criminalizing domestic violence and protecting the victims.

Domestic violence types in India?

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship. In a relationship, a partner does this kind of activity to gain control or maintain power over another partner. Domestic violence can be segmented into five types-

Physical Abuse- It is the most prominently visible domestic violence form. According to the domestic violence act, any activity that causes physical pain or danger to life, limb, or development of the victim will be considered as a crime. Criminal intimidation, criminal force, and even assault are accepted as forms of physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse- Without consent, coercing or attempting to coerce any sexual activity is known as sexual abuse. Marital rape, attacks on sexual parts, forcing to intimate after physical violence or causing pain in the name of sex or treating a partner in a sexually demeaning manner, are common forms of sexual abuse.

Emotional Abuse- It includes threats made by domestic relations during violence against women. Verbal abuse leads to emotional abuse. It is the most known form of domestic violence. It has been noticed that a continuous combination of verbal and emotional abuse leads to psychological abuse and diminishes a woman’s sense of self-worth.

Economic Abuse- It is about depriving of threatening to deprive the victim and her children from the use of economic assets. It is a remarkable step by the Government of India. To make women financially dependent a lot of men take total control over the financial resources.

Psychological Abuse- This kind of abuse includes but not limited to- threatening physical harm to self, children, or partner’s family or friends, creating fear by intimidation, destruction of property and pets, and forcing complete isolation from friends, family, and even work.

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