8 powerful women’s law every woman needs to know toady
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8 powerful women’s law every woman needs to know toady

Female lawyers are well aware of the women’s law. Female lawyer in Kolkata can guide you in a well manner.

The nation cannot fly high if one wing is broken. India cannot go for good if our mothers, sisters, and daughters get suffered every day. Crimes against women take place every minute in India. We worship goddess but some people forget to respect women and do not let them live a NORMAL life. To make the situation better, the Indian Government had implemented a lot of acts so that it can protect its female wing. But still, everyday crimes are occurring. To stop and to get justice, one can only take the help of those laws. A lot of women have got justice through these laws. If you are suffering mentally or physically by one or a group of abusive people in this society, call a lawyer today and take the strict steps. Thousands of lawyers for women are to guide legally. But before that know some protective law for women to boost your courage and hope for justice –

  1. Domestic Violence- This law aims to separate the evil from the other norms. It tries to create a mental block among people towards the undue violence in this society. Domestic violence has become a common scenario after marriage in India. To stop this evil practice and mindset, this law is in force effectively. (Act: Domestic Violence Act 2005)
  2. Eve teasing-This term refers to the sexual harassment women face in public places. And lawyers help the victims with the right acts so that the eve teaser gets the right punishment. (Act: Section 509 corresponding punishment for molestation u/s 354A IPC)
  3. Women Suffrage- It is about women’s voting between Scandinavian and Middle East countries with the eye on Iran. (a movement by NAWSA- National American Women’s Suffrage Association)
  4. Rape law- Rape is a brutal crime in our society. Now all the civilized countries impose their laws to punish the criminal and give justice to the victim. (Act: PIC, Criminal law amendment act 2013 )
  5. Bride burning- Burning a bride is an old and deep-rooted problem of the Indian society and mainly occurs due to dowry practice. To stop this evil tendency, the government of India had imposed some strict laws which even ensure lifetime jail punishment. (Act: Section 304B IPC)
  6. Gender Inequality- The Equality Act is there to stop discrimination on a gender basis. Any kind of gender discrimination is prohibited and punishable if anyone commits
  7. Women’s rights- These fundamental rights were introduced by the United Nations for every human being on this planet nearly seventy years ago. It includes the right to live free from slavery, violence, and discrimination and to be educated, to vote, to own property, and earn a fair and equal remuneration. 
  8. Sexual Harassment- Sexual harassment act tries to protect women from getting sexually harassed at their workplaces. This act also includes the invasion of private space and sexual overtones. 

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